Autism Spectrum Houston

Life lessons can be humbling but they also present an opportunity for hope, inspiration and growth.  There are times when we all need an objective perspective to provide understanding and compassion in order to heal and empower ourselves to move through the rough patch and then onward.


In the English Nursery Rhyme, "Monday's Child", Thursday's child has far to go. Scholars have interpreted that to mean that Thursday's child will have a long, successful life without limitations.


We are defined by our abilities, achievements and limitations. People living with Autism, ADHD are often defined by their limitations and confused by how to let their talents shine through.


My professional experience for more than two decades has been in Neurological Differences, Learning and Trauma.  I work collaboratively with a broad spectrum of clients to focus on their abilities, enhance self awareness and develop skills for activities of daily living.  My treatment approach is tailored to each client’s distinctive needs and individual goals.

Services: Psychotherapy / Coaching  / Consulting / Supervision

Provided in: English / French / Spanish